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The Unspoken Rule Book

How often do you find yourself thinking any of the following? They shouldn’t have done what they did… They shouldn’t have said what they did… They should be more thoughtful… They should be patient, I am doing my best… They should understand me… It’s fascinating how we have expectations of what others should or shouldn’t […]

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Relationships Are Thoughts

Have you ever left the cinema and started chatting about the movie you have just seen with your friend, only to wonder if you have both seen the same movie?   Ever wondered why you can love one of your friends dearly while another friend just won’t give them the time of day?   Your friend is […]

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Today would have been my mum’s 84th birthday, and yes, I think of her and miss her every day. The older I become, the more our many similarities, qualities, and characteristics………….  ………………….including a love for clothes and shoes… coordinated of course, as well as a rather strong stubborn streak.   Yes, I admit it; I can […]

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Questions For The Mind

We ask ourselves questions constantly throughout the day.   How can I get this done on time?  Will my meeting run over?  Why is nothing going to plan today?   Some prove to be more helpful than others. However, we get creative and inspiring answers by asking ourselves high-quality empowering questions as we set our brains to work.  Here are […]

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