Don’t Give Up

Annoying thought for the day – brought on by this meme I saw last night. 

Managing your brain isn’t easy. 

That is why so many people don’t start doing something they want to do or give up halfway through because things have become uncomfortable… and they expect everything to be easy or see the results of their efforts quickly. 

Firstly, we are wired to see the negative first, to stay safe, which means being in our comfort zone and generally allowing our ‘primitive’ brain to run the show.

Fact: People like Oprah, Mel Robbins, Bill Gates, Tom Brady, Serena Williams, Adam Peaty,
          Sara Davies… I could go on… all have something in common other than their success.

They have all discovered that the secret to their success is “managing their brain”.   

No, it isn’t always easy.

No, it doesn’t happen overnight.

No, it doesn’t mean you will never allow your ‘safety-first’ brain to rule the show sometimes.

Yes, you can learn to manage your brain.

Yes, you can achieve massive success when you put what you learn into action.

Yes, it takes time and practice.

Yes, it’s worth it on all levels; relationships, your business, health, wellbeing, and finances, as well as your personal growth.

Don’t give up when the going gets tough, when your ‘safety’ first brain kicks in, and when things get uncomfortable.  

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