Imposter Syndrome

One of the common challenges clients share with me is feeling like an imposter.

I am sure the term ‘Imposter Syndrome’ is something you will have come across at some point, but what exactly does it mean?  

Put simply, it’s loosely defined as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud.

Usually, clients’ meaning from thinking that they are a fraud is that they need ‘fixing’.  


No one needs fixing because no one is broken!   

A recent HBR article discussed “Imposter Syndrome” and suggested that it’s the environment that people find themselves working and socialising in that contributes to a situation where people can be left feeling like they are not as smart or successful as they are.

Now creating change in a work environment can take time, so what can you do if you are experiencing feeling a fraud?

Step 1

Acknowledge how you are feeling and describe it in a word… it could be distressed.

Step 2

Take some time and think about what you believe about yourself that results in you feeling distressed?

Notice some of those beliefs.

You see, a belief is simply a thought that you keep thinking.

Step 3

Choose a feeling you would like to have rather than being distressed… say Calm.

Step 4

What would you need to believe about yourself to be calm?

Let’s say it’s ‘I am a strong person.’ 

Step 5

Start telling yourself that you are a strong person several times a day rather than telling yourself that you are a fraud and notice the difference!

Are you fed up feeling like you are a fraud and want to do something about it? 

Then let’s arrange a call.

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