Madeline Albright

Over the weekend, I saw a post from  Billie Jean King. 

She shared that on the day in question, Madeleine k Albright became the first woman appointed to the Secretary of State cabinet position in 1997. 

The U.S. has had 71 Secretaries of State, with just 3 being women, Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice, & Hillary Clinton. 

The U.K. has had 55 prime ministers, with 2 women, Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May. 

Similar odds, aren’t they? 

Imagine the belief systems these women had to hold…….. 

………… this isn’t a political post, merely an observation from a miners daughter from Yorkshire. 

Mind management is the key to most breakthroughs in life. 

Once we become more aware, we can manage our thoughts, the feelings they throw up, and the actions we do or don’t take. 

I suspect either consciously or unconsciously that is what these ladies did for many years. 

It couldn’t have been easy. 

It never is. 

We can all do the work; when we are ready. 

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