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Belief Change Our Biggest Limiting Belief

Ed Mylett is a leading peak performance expert who has worked in the financial world for many years and built several companies. He is ranked in the top 50 wealthiest under 50s in the world. I noticed this post that he recently shared on LinkedIn, and it struck a chord. As a business owner, you […]

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Interested or Committed And Why Nothing Is Changing For You

It’s been a pretty hectic month, both personally and in our business. I’ve had the high of celebrating my loved one’s birthday with a weekend away and our first visit to the theatre in over two years. We have launched my new coaching brand…which is how you have come to be here. I also paid […]

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Is the Future You Are Imagining Negative or Positive?

Is the Future You Are Imagining Negative or Positive? Have you ever heard yourself say or thought, “When it comes to X, I am just not creative”, or “I just can’t do it”?…you probably usually accompany that with a whole list of reasons…or should I say thoughts on why! It’s fascinating, isn’t it, how our […]

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