What If Everything Was Happening Perfectly

Have you ever thought about how changing your ‘thoughts’ about your problems may help you?

Today has been a great day so far, and as I look out of my office window, the sun is shining, and I can see blue skies. 

I have just had a no-show for a scheduled call, and I am ok with that. It certainly won’t spoil my day or affect my good mood.

Thinking of the weather, yesterday was overcast, showery, and cool, and I got a touch wet at times outside while jet washing the patio.

Did the weather mean I moaned about getting wet? Did it stop me from doing what I set out to do?


Instead, I had a great time and had a big smile on my face as I looked out of the window at my progress. (It’s a big patio, so progress feels apt 😊)

I know this is a simple example, and think about it.

What if when you have a problem, instead of thinking, ‘why me again’ or ‘why can’t things go smoothly for once’ you thought one of the following instead:

Everything is happening perfectly.

I can learn from what’s happening here.

This is a great opportunity to embrace discomfort and solve the problem 

Fact: Thoughts create feelings.

Notice the different feelings the suggested thoughts create rather than how you usually feel when you have a problem!

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