When Being Comfortable Leads To Complacency…And It Rarely Ends Well 

The primitive part of our brain serves us well in many ways as it keeps our life support systems working, and I am immensely grateful for that.

It also wants to keep us safe, which on the one hand, makes sense; however, it often means that we fall into our comfort zone and because this is such a ‘comfortable’ place to be, it can result in complacency.

Let me explain.

Over a year ago, I talked to business owners daily who had lost clients they thought ‘would always work’ with them. 

Yet when the proverbial hit the fan, that supposed strong relationship had gone along with business that hasn’t returned. 

Here is a warning from a sales and marketing veteran. 

Remember what you said a year ago and how panicked and vulnerable you felt. 

Just because you have won more business and the market is picking up… or so you think…. It doesn’t mean you can put marketing and sales on the back burner because business is good today.  

Use the last couple of years as the lesson it has been about consistent action. 

I talked to some of our clients yesterday, and they haven’t paused for breath in over a year. 

…… and guess what they are winning; a number had their best year ever in 2021. 

They are grateful that they have business coming in again, and they aren’t talking about pausing anything they are doing anytime soon. 

They keep moving forward. 

They invest. 

And they do the work. 

Being complacent is the mindset of a small business owner who will remain small. 

Please don’t let that be you. 

While I have talked about business today, what other parts of your life does the idea of being too comfortable and complacency ring true? 

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