Writing Is The Learning Form Of Doing

‘Writing is the learning form of doing, Sharon.’

Profound words my first-ever mentor shared with me.

My science background had convinced me that the mind, body, thought connection between the different parts of our brain meant that journaling would be a good idea.

Pity that I have started and stopped multiple times in the last twenty-five years! ☹

….and on the upside, I started again earlier in the year, making a difference in how I process my thoughts; and how clear I am in taking the next step forward in the business.

There is a huge volume of scientific data on the many benefits of journaling, including improving our neural pathways and left and right brain connections.

It helps my learning by creating a record of the lessons and lightbulb moments that pop up in a way that I get to capture them.

Only last week, journaling helped me reframe a crazy thought that had stopped me from moving forward on something in the business.

If you haven’t ever journaled, give it a go. You can use journal prompts, write about your goals or, as I sometimes do, ask the questions…how can I do this better?

What do I really want to achieve here?

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