Business Owners and Ruts – It Is A Thing

Business owners and ruts; it’s a thing.

Last night, I listened to Mel Robbins talk about being stuck and how it’s a calling to something else.

Something to be embraced.

A new opportunity to move to the next step.

A thought that on the surface might be ‘negative’ and yet brings with it opportunity.

When I looked at all the shifts in my life… pre the event, I was stuck.

I sold my perfect little terrace house in Mexborough to backpack around Australia in my early twenties because I felt stuck.

Similar patterns played out throughout my life.

Every time I felt uncomfortable and uncertain, and I did it anyway.

The last time I sold the house and moved to a different part of the country, everything shifted again.

Embrace the stuckness and the ruts and move forward; imagine what might be on the other side.

Are You Procrastinating More And More?


It could be social media, making a coffee, phoning a friend, doing ‘busy’ or ‘easy’ jobs. In over 30 years of coaching I have come across every procrastination strategy I think there is. Every client I have worked with procrastinates at some point. While some learn to handle it, others can become paralysed by it and You don’t have to be that person.

The good news is that I have created a short video series that will give you some relief straight away.

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