Helen Watson

Helen Watson

My career was at a bit of a standstill, and I wasn’t sure where to go next. I wanted some time to look at my options in a confidential space.

I knew I needed to make some tough decisions and needed time and space to explore my options.

I wanted clarity on where to go next with someone not connected to my career and sector and in a safe and confidential space.

Soon after the coaching I decided to leave my current role and successfully achieved a new more senior position in a new organisation.

When I started the coaching, my thoughts were knotted and confused, and Sharon enabled me to see my options clearly and worked with me to identify steps to starting to make the change in my career that I wanted.

Coaching certainly made me feel I feel a lot braver and in tune with my instincts.

Kathy Hunt Testimonial

Kathleen Hunt

J.D. Santa Barbara, California

I cannot tell you how much I have benefited from your coaching sessions this year.

With the deepest compassion, you have guided me to insights about my thoughts and feelings, helping reveal to me the results I have been creating in my life, and showing me how I can intentionally generate different desired outcomes.

Thanks to your wisdom and kindness — and that gentle touch of humour — I am enjoying greater ease and an expanded belief in what’s possible for me, both professionally and personally.

I will be counting on your continued assistance in the years ahead.

Charlotte Finch Photo

Charlotte Finch

Business Owner

I was in the middle of a particularly challenging time when a friend suggested that coaching could help me; and it did!

I was pretty open-minded about the process, and I didn't really know what to expect from the actual sessions, but I thought it could have a positive effect on my mindset and therefore my situation.
At the time, I was feeling very overwhelmed and emotional, which wasn't helping me.

Taking the time to sit down with Sharon and talk through what I was thinking helped me to put things in perspective, see things differently, and organise my thoughts and priorities, which, in turn, helped me tackle what was happening in my life.

Looking back, I was feeling so overwhelmed that I was unable to fully focus on the task in front of me. Sharon helped me deal with the unhelpful emotions in my mind, so I was able to organise my thoughts and start to tackle the challenges I was facing.

Through coaching, I had a more positive perspective and a clearer mind. Sharon helped me notice the difference between facts and events and my thoughts and feelings about my situation.

When I was able to look at things more pragmatically, with more head space and energy, I found it easier to focus and work through my problems.

The whole coaching process was very insightful, it didn't just help me with the situation and issues I had at the time, I learned about myself and how the brain works.

I realised that I was being far too harsh on myself, and I learned about overwhelm in general. I also learned several strategies to help with issues in the future.

I would definitely recommend coaching with Sharon. Sharon is caring, understanding and patient. She is very knowledgeable about how we think. Her questions are extremely thought-provoking, as she gently guides you and introduces you to a more positive and helpful perspective.


Rachel Pedrithes

Co-Founder of Ice Recruitment

Transformative is how I would describe working with Sharon. I started coaching because of a limiting belief that has been haunting me for many years.  Through Sharon’s coaching, I have made huge inroads into handling this.

Consequently, shifting my thinking has changed positively both my business results and my
personal life.

In fact, our business has trebled. The support I have had has added six figures, probably more to my numbers. I cannot recommend Sharon highly enough; she offers knowledge and a calm approach that is extremely impactful.