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Am I describing some of the things going on for you?

You work long hours and get 'stuff' done, even though you feel overwhelmed and yet it still doesn't bring the results you want. These ups and downs create a roller coaster of emotion that also chips away at your self-confidence.

Which then leads to inaction on that great idea you had because your self-trust is through the floor.

On the upside, no one can judge you if you don't do anything; Although, it's not others who judge … it's YOU.

Sharon Smiling

These are some of the common thoughts that come up for you.

"I thought I would be further forward by now"

"I seem to get so far and then plateau and can't quite move the business to the next level"

"Maybe I am not the kind of person who can do that…whatever 'that' may be for you"

"I am just not the successful business owner I thought I would be"

"Listen. I wish I could tell you that life gets better. But it doesn't get better. You get better."

Joan Rivers

The only way to grow your business and create the life you have always wanted is to grow the person running your business…You

The good news is there is a path through which I can help you navigate if you are willing to do the work.

I have been helping business owners shift their thinking and the results they achieve for over thirty years. From multiple five and six-figure cash injections to repairing broken relationships and rebuilding confidence clients thought they had lost forever.

I work one to one with you to get the results you want. I provide the tools, techniques, support and resources so that after our time together, you have everything at hand to continue getting the results you deserve.


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I am enjoying greater ease and an expanded belief in what’s possible

I cannot tell you how much I have benefited from your coaching sessions this year. With the deepest compassion, you have guided me to insights about my thoughts and feelings, helping reveal to me the results I have been creating in my life, and showing me how I can intentionally generate different desired outcomes. Thanks to your wisdom and kindness — and that gentle touch of humour — I am enjoying greater ease and an expanded belief in what’s possible for me, both professionally and personally. I will be counting on your continued assistance in the years ahead.

- Kathleen Hunt, J.D.Santa Barbara, California

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