Expectations And Problems They Cause

A lesson in expectations. 

This winter, we have enjoyed having open fires that I haven’t experienced in my own home since I was a small child. Something is comforting about seeing the yellow and orange flames dancing and hearing the crackle of the wood as it burns.

We have a few things not entirely as they are meant to be with the fire grate, and as it was bespoke made, I called a local blacksmith who said he could help.

I messaged some photos and measurements over as requested and waited.

I was looking forward to a reply in a few days.

Mistake 1… my first expectation.

In our business, we work on replying in 24 hours as often as possible and certainly within 48 hours.

A week later, I hadn’t heard anything, so I called and checked he had got my WhatsApp, and yes, he had.

He is very busy and hadn’t had time to price my job.

He offered no apology, and he said he might get time to look the next day.

The next day few days came and went.

I had hoped that when he said that “I might get time to look tomorrow” meant that he would look.

So what’s the lesson?

When we have expectations of another person, and they don’t meet those expectations, we use it as an excuse to feel bad, frustrated or disappointed.

It makes no sense when you think about it!

We create rules for other people, which we rarely communicate, and it sets us up to feel a negative emotion instead of something great.

What is our brain like!

The lesson then is to stay away from having expectations of others. Take responsibility for how you want to feel. If you are going to choose your emotions, choose great ones. 😊

….But what about my partner or an employee, I hear you say?

There are exceptions, and they are the two… however… that’s for another day.

#Chooseyourfeelings #feelings #personalgrowth  

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