Interested or Committed And Why Nothing Is Changing For You

It’s been a pretty hectic month, both personally and in our business. I’ve had the high of celebrating
my loved one’s birthday with a weekend away and our first visit to the theatre in over two years.

We have launched my new coaching brand…which is how you have come to be here.

I also paid my last respects and said goodbye to one of our oldest and dearest family friends who I imagine is now partying in heaven with my mum, dad and her husband like they did for so many years while I was growing up.

One thing that hasn’t happened in this roller coaster of a month that is, I haven’t made it to the gym that I signed up for and confession time…I didn’t last month either.

What’s annoying is that this time last year I was on a roll of exercising twice a day for 45 minutes
and did it continuously for 75 days. I have rarely felt so fit.

So what’s going on for me? I ask myself this question most days. I have even had a coaching session
on my lack of motivation. Yes, I have weekly coaching too.

Last night, the penny dropped while listening to a video about motivation.

The thing is, it’s about ‘interest’ rather than ‘commitment’.

You see I am interested in getting back into exercising. I do realise that when I work out first thing, it sets me up for the day.

However, last year my early workout sessions were then replaced by studying as I was taking a course.

But that’s it. I was committed to my 75 days of two workouts a day. I was then committed to six months of study.

While I am interested in exercising, I am yet to be committed.

It’s been a huge light bulb moment for me because I can now stop beating myself up for not jumping out of bed and pulling on my gym kit.

Now, I can focus on what I want to focus on as my early morning rituals, knowing that when I make the decision to commit that I can trust myself to start working out again.

Interested vs committed …sounds so simple and yet the outcome is very different.

What are you interested in doing that you haven’t committed to yet?

What else is stopping you?

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