Judy Garland Was A Legend In The Film And Entertainment World

Judy Garland was a legend in the film and entertainment world. 

She also wasn’t exactly your ‘run of the mill’ actress at the time. She became successful by being her own person. 

Here is one of my favourite quotes of hers and one I haven’t always followed in my younger days. 

It would be far too easy to change everything we are doing to fit in and please others.

“Well, my biggest competitor or fellow business owner is doing this, so I need to.”- not so fast.

Whenever something feels out of whack or really, really hard, it’s a sign you are on the wrong path. 

Instead, think about your business, skills, capabilities, what you want and what is right for you. 

Warning: Taking this path isn’t always easy though it is the one that will bring you the long term rewards you seek. 

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