Case Study

Lynn Sedgwick

Although I had acted as MD for many years without any business coaching as the business and team grew I had sometimes felt isolated in my own thoughts, especially around the people challenges that can occur in any business that is on a growth trajectory.

The ability to problem solve around specific problems was an issue as I wasn't getting to the solution as quickly as I needed to; I wanted a sensible sounding board.

I wanted clarity and someone I could talk to about the challenges I was experiencing. I didn't have a fellow director; it can be isolating as a solo business owner.

I decided it was time as I needed some support to handle what was happening in the business as it was growing; although I had a senior management team, I wanted more objective feedback.

Having another person with whom I could talk through what was happening without any judgment was so helpful.

Lynn Sedgwick

What Did Coaching Help You With?

The coaching helped me look at specific things. First of all, it was me. What kind of leader was I, and who did I want to be?

Where was I in terms of my business and personal goals? Separating myself from the business and sorting out my thoughts about what was next.

Specific issues I was dealing with were around several internal promotions, and it was about the concern of losing people and making the right decisions.

It was about getting back to trusting my intuition around my thinking and asking those difficult questions that allowed me the space to articulate without judgment what my thought process was.

Working with Sharon felt like a safe environment to articulate and talk through everything I was thinking, good or bad, without judgment. This was key for me; as a driven business leader, I hadn't realised how harshly I judged myself back then.

As an entrepreneurial MD founder of a business, we are risk takers who make hundreds of decisions each week.

There came a point when I lacked clarity on some decisions I was making, and I had not always felt like that. I didn't have a problem with confidence in my twenties or thirties, but in my forties, faced with some of those issues, I was second-guessing myself-which I now appreciate many leaders do as they scale.

I think what happens when you are spinning so many plates is you question whether you can make or are making the right decision.

Having coaching gave me the confidence to instinctively decide and stick with the next action rather than questioning my decision-making ability.

Coaching allowed me to understand my thoughts and feelings and how to handle both, work with my self-belief, and change my thoughts.

Nothing stops me from having the life I want except me and my belief system; my thoughts control that.

What Did You Like About Coaching?

What I liked about coaching was having that clarity of what was possible.

What the future moves look like on issues, how to problem solve, and the opportunity to have a sounding board, another person without judgment to talk to.

It's quite sad, but nobody's walking in your shoes, so a coach is there for you. I used to think it was an indulgence now I understand and have experienced it's not.

As a business owner, you are the last on the list. You make sure everybody else is okay when actually, you've got to be okay.

You've got to be on point with your mental health, clarity, and awareness. I'm surprised how many business leaders have coaches. I'm like, really? For years, I've missed out on that. I just felt it was a weakness, and actually, it's a strength to reach out to ask for help.

What Did You Learn About Yourself?

I learned that; I have the answers I really do. Everything's within me, and I need to listen, be more in tune with my instincts, and trust myself.

It's been a journey, and I think coaching was definitely the start of that journey to reach out and ask for help.

Coaching is something really positive. It has been transformational for me. I learned that having that extra support is a hugely positive experience.

What Specific Results or Changes Do You Think You Were Able to Achieve Because of Coaching?

Resolving issues quickly and making better decisions that I was committed to.

Specific issues I resolved focused on creating a clear plan for the future, which was an exit plan for me. I was able to write an organisational structure that would work. I had held onto people for too long and avoided change, and with coaching, I started to appreciate that change is critical.

Because I had more clarity, getting to know and understand myself felt liberating and empowering.

To realise that the challenges I was facing, I was not alone; they were not unique, and there were solutions, which made me more optimistic about the future.

What Would You Say To Someone Who Was Considering Having Coaching With Sharon?

For a business leader that has had a successful career individually and in business but has reached a point where there is overwhelm, frustration, lack of clarity, and feeling isolated, then reach out to speak to Sharon, a coach that can give you that clarity, insight, and help and support that you’re lacking.

It will rejuvenate your inner being and help you reconnect with yourself. Whenever I had coaching, I felt invigorated and excited rather than overwhelmed. It really was transformational for me.