No Right Or Wrong Way To Feel

I was talking with a client recently who wasn’t feeling good about themselves having put on weight due to a health issue.

So, she wasn’t feeling good about herself, and she felt bad because she knew it wasn’t good to be thinking of herself in his way, which made her feel even worse.  

Our mind in overdrive, eh?!

Here’s the thing, what if there was no good, bad, right, or wrong way to feel.  

We are conditioned to think that a goal in life is always to feel good and be happy.

What if this goal was about learning how to feel?

To allow ourselves to feel and experience our emotions, whatever they are, rather than pushing them down or bottling them up. 

To be able to identify the feelings.

It may mean that life is more of a rollercoaster of emotions as we navigate the highs and lows, and yet wouldn’t that be a fuller experience of life?

What if life was 50/50 rather than everyone believing it should be 100 % happy and then giving ourselves a tough time because it’s not!

What difference would it make to you and how you feel right now if you accepted that life was 50/50 and that was, ok?

What emotions do you struggle with allowing?

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