Relationships Are Thoughts

Have you ever left the cinema and started chatting about the movie you have just seen with your friend, only to wonder if you have both seen the same movie?  
Ever wondered why you can love one of your friends dearly while another friend just won’t give them the time of day?  
Your friend is the same person to you both.  
So how is that possible?  
You see, in the same way, that you can have totally different thoughts about a movie, our relationships are simply our thoughts about another person.  
Going back to your two friends.  
Your other friend has a different experience of your dearly loved friend because they think different thoughts.  
Their relationship with your dearly loved friend depends on their thoughts about them rather than your special friend.  
Put simply. 
Your relationship with anyone depends on your thoughts about them.  
When you reflect on a relationship you have a few challenges with, what thoughts are you having about that person, and how helpful are those thoughts?

Are You Procrastinating More And More?


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