Self-Awareness Before Change

I was 22 years old and five months into my first job when my manager asked me in my end of year review,

“Do you think you have chosen the right job and career Sharon?”

I was a Sales Representative for a Pharmaceutical company, putting my scientific background to good use, or so I thought.

After quite a pause, I think I was shocked at the question and a touch concerned about where this conversation was going.

I did what I do best… I asked a question… specifically,

“What makes you ask?”

Then followed one of the most valuable conversations of my career.

I discovered that while my science background was invaluable and helped me discuss medical research with Doctors, nurses and pharmacists, I also needed to do two things way better than I was.

First, learn how to build strong relationships when others have different communication styles, and secondly, Be Assertive.

I knew if I didn’t make some changes fast, I wouldn’t succeed in this role—my sales career was over before it had started.

I attended an interview for a three-day assertiveness course. I remember watching a recording and I was debriefing my sales approach with the interviewer. I don’t remember much detail of the rest of the interview, and I can only conclude that the person conducting it saw potential in me as I was offered a place on their programme.

Three days on an Assertiveness Training course followed, and I left a different person.
In those three days, I learned more about myself and others than I had the previous 22 years.

The rest is history, as they say.

So what’s my point, you may be wondering?


I knew I was someone at the time who was happy to sit back, listen, ask more questions, and listen more. However, I noticed others talked and shared their ideas, views and opinions with ease…some even shared them without being asked, and they talked a lot!

I had no idea that I could communicate any differently, and there was no way I was going to interrupt anyone mid-flow… surely that was bad manners, or that’s what I believed.

You see, until I became aware of the impact of how I was communicating, I couldn’t make any changes. Thankfully, I had a manager who took the time to talk with me and support me to
develop myself and my skills.

You see, Change can’t happen without first being Aware.

I took something else away from my assertiveness training: the importance of being self-aware, which started a lifelong passion for personal development.

Three years later, I began coaching other salespeople.

One of the simplest ways to describe what coaching is about is:

By asking questions, I help people gain awareness… of their thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and how they impact the results they create in their lives. Once a person understands what is going on for them, they can make new and different choices.

It all starts with Awareness.

Are You Procrastinating More And More?


It could be social media, making a coffee, phoning a friend, doing ‘busy’ or ‘easy’ jobs. In over 30 years of coaching, I have come across every procrastination strategy I think there is. Every client I have worked with procrastinates at some point. While some learn to handle it, others can become paralysed by it and You don’t have to be that person.

The good news is that I have created a short video series that will give you some relief straight away.

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