Stories vs Facts

Do you notice the stories that you tell yourself and others?

The story about why you still haven’t pursued creating your dream home..

The story about why you worry so much about your business…

The story you tell yourself about why you haven’t kept your promise to start exercising…

The story about why you put others before yourself…constantly…

I could go on.

The stories we tell ourselves are powerful and over time build their own momentum.

It’s time to STOP.

It’s time to focus on the FACTS

Go through the layers of your story and pull out the facts.

Ask yourself, if you were in a court of law, would everyone agree with what you are saying?

Would everyone universally be able to agree?

If not, it’s not a fact.

THIS is how to start helping yourself.

It’s what I did when I was awake in the early hours thinking about everything that needs to happen in the next 5 days before we head off on holiday, it was a long list.

So I mentally worked through the facts.

What must be delivered for clients?

What needs to be prepared ready to go to the printers ready for an event when we come back from holiday?

What calls are a must vs nice to do?

And on it went.

The clearer I became, the more I relaxed.

It’s all about clarity.

Separate the FACT from the STORIES we tell ourselves.

Stories are unhelpful. They hold us back from achieving our goals.

Stories allow your brain to run riot.

Instead, take control of your brain.

Focus on the FACTS, not the story.

Remember, everyone, needs to be able to agree with you, even in a court of law 

This is where it all starts. This is where you get clarity of thought.

This is when you can start making decisions that support you to move forward.

Decisions that are based on fact.  

 Oh, and it’s how you can get back to sleep too.

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