The Critical Distiction Between Confidence and Self Confidence That Can Change Results.

I am being interviewed on a Livestream next week; I am feeling excited and let’s be honest a touch nervous.

I know that it will be great, and I will be relying on my self-confidence to show up and add massive value to my host’s audience.

You may wonder why I say self-confidence rather than confidence?

There is a distinction that I often find gets overlooked, so let’s shed some light on this.

Self-confidence is about being secure in yourself and your abilities.

Confidence is about having the experience of doing something previously.

The more you do something, the better you get at it, and consequently, your confidence grows.

And confidence often expands the more external validation and recognition you receive.

Going back then to my upcoming interview.

The facts are I have little experience of being interviewed live on video; It’s normally me interviewing which is very different.

Consequently, as someone is now asking me questions my confidence based on the above definition I would suggest is “low”.

However, because I feel secure in myself and my abilities to hold a valuable conversation on the
chosen topic, I am looking forward to it…with excitement and a touch of nerves 😊

You see, when I am self-confident, I can trust myself to do what I need to do to prepare.

I know the content we will cover

I know the flow of the questions I will be asked

I have a tech test several days ahead to make sure I am familiar with everything

My calendar is clear before and after, so I have not rushed either side of it

I am committed to it being an excellent experience for my host, their audience, and myself; which will mean I manage my mind, so my head is in the right place to deliver on my commitment

Fact: We are not born with self-confidence, and the good news is YOU can build it.


When you say you will do something, keep your word to yourself. This is how you build self-trust. When you trust yourself to show up as the best version of yourself, you will build self-confidence.

How much do you trust yourself?

How would you rate your level of self-confidence?

If you would like to learn more about how you can trust yourself and build self-confidence, let’s chat.

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