The Unspoken Rule Book

How often do you find yourself thinking any of the following?
✳ They shouldn’t have done what they did…
✳ They shouldn’t have said what they did…
✳ They should be more thoughtful…
✳ They should be patient, I am doing my best…
✳ They should understand me…
It’s fascinating how we have expectations of what others should or shouldn’t say or do.
What’s so funny about this…and it is funny, is that we have these expectations and we often have never actually shared these expectations with the person or people concerned!. 😂
It’s like an unspoken rule book.
The problem with having a ‘rule book’ is that adults have the ability and freedom to choose how they think and behave.
This includes you too.
The thing is, while we are thinking about what everyone else is doing, or not as the case may be, what we are not doing is focusing our thoughts, time, and energy on ourselves.
So, when you notice your thoughts drifting to your ‘rule book’ of what others should be doing, take a moment and ask yourself, “how helpful and supportive to you is it to be thinking about what others are thinking and doing when that’s their business?”
Rather than spending time thinking about them, how about using your valuable time to focus on your thoughts and what you are doing.
BUT…I hear you say.
What if what they are doing impacts me?
Remember it’s your choice as to whether you let it impact you.

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