Unhelpful thoughts

Life has been a roller coaster over the years, and I have had my share of unhelpful thoughts that have held me back.
✳ What will other people think?
✳ I am different from those super successful people.
✳ Confident people are comfortable and don’t feel afraid.

✳ I don’t know how.

Something I have learned that was a huge help is that a belief is simply a thought that I keep thinking over and over.

So, ‘Confident people are comfortable and don’t feel afraid’ became a belief because I had that same thought so many times. 😮
Using the same principle means that if I think a positive thought about my confidence enough, that will become a belief over time!
Thinking thoughts that create confidence and believing them is a skill anyone can develop.
When you have more self-confidence, you will:
✅ Take more risks
✅ Set Bigger Goals
✅ Take more action
✅ Achieve beyond what you ever thought possible for you.
Do you find you doubt your self-confidence?
I still can, although now I am so aware of when I do that I respond differently.
How would it help you if you had more self-confidence?

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